What is an Artistic Edit?

I have several wedding photography packages with various amounts of images, depending on price. Also included are something called “artistic edits”. This page is dedicated to helping you understand what an artistic edit is and why you may or may not want to upgrade your package to receive more. If you are buying an album every image is artistically edited. That is one of the benefits of an album. Full creative expression from every single image in the album. However, not everyone gets albums these days and it’s important to know what you are getting.

First of all, the images you see on my website are all ones that I have edited. In essence, they are all artistic edits. I am showing my best work. My website is my online portfolio and every image has been edited to my exacting standards. These edits have then been delivered to my clients. What you see on my website are the exact images I’ve sent to the bride and groom or a restaurant, whatever the case may be.

So, what is an artistic edit?

An artistic edit is one that shows my full creativity and expression as a photographer. From the time the shutter clicks until you get the resulting image on a disk, or in your album. It is one that has been edited in various software programs to help best bring out the exact idea I had in mind when I took the photo. Camera sensors are brilliant, but they are not capable of seeing what the eye is capable of seeing. They do not have what’s called the dynamic range of the human eye. That is, the lightest point in a scene and the darkest point in a scene. Camera sensors are very narrow in their ability to see extremes. It is with the use of software programs that we obtain the image we envisioned when we took the photo.

For instance, the images below are both of the exact same thing. The bride and groom are on the stairs in Arundel Town Hall and my wife and second photographer, Shaan, is using a video light to add light onto the bride’s face. This setup is great and it alone would make a good image. However, this is not how I saw this image when I looked through my viewfinder. I saw the bride and groom being totally isolated and nothing distracting your attention away from them. I also saw a lot more texture in the stairs and railing. So, with the magic of Photoshop and several other programs I was able to create that scene. It’s still the same image, but has been artistically edited by me to be the exact image I wanted to capture when I clicked the shutter on my camera.

The image out of camera. No Editing!

The artistic edit as I envisioned it.

You see the difference? Both images are lovely and I’m proud of each. But it’s the extra finishing on the artistically edited one that shows my style and approach to wedding photography.

And this is the difference between a wedding photographer who has had years of training and one who just picked up a digital camera and decided to become a wedding photographer without proper training. When I see an image through my viewfinder I am thinking of an incredible amount of things; I am thinking about lighting, shadows, posing, flattering the body, symmetry, balance, shape, and of course, the artistic edit I am going to do to fully express and showcase the above items.

Artistic edits could come in the form of many different things; I could make an image sepia, or vintage in style. Either of those techniques are great for bohemian weddings, or weddings with VW camper cans and DIY style weddings. If you have a look through my site you will see many different types of artistic edits. With every wedding there are unique and creative inspiration derived and I look at each as a separate entity with distinct artistic editing capabilities.

I hope this gives you some idea of what goes into artistic edits. There truly is no other way to get the photographer’s full expression as an artist other than to get some artistic edits either in the form of an album, or if budget does not allow, in purchasing more artistic edits.

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