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My name is Taylor Young. I have been passionate about art and illustration for as long as I can remember. That inclination then incorporated design and graphic design. From there I discovered photography, starting with 35mm film and then working with Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Completing the very intense training program provided by The New York Institute of Photography, I began to really hone my photographic skills. Upon graduation from university in 2004 I began working in a corporate environment, primarily in the marketing arena.

Though I did receive accolades for my work, there was, for me, something missing. That something was photography. While I was generally able to incorporate that creative aspect into marketing campaigns I created for companies, it was when I was behind the lens that I found total enjoyment, and fulfillment, in my work. Thus, I decided to take the plunge and dedicate myself full-time to my photography as a professional.

My philosophy is very simple: provide my clients with more than what they asked for or would expect. I simply take the viewpoint of my client and I think to myself, “what would I want if I were hiring me?” And the answer is simple, I would want perfection and at a fair price. And that’s what I strive for with every photoshoot. I’ve set my prices according to my experience and ability. It is based on the end product, it is not based on the market, or inflation. I understand that there are less expensive photographers out there and I am not targeting those people who want a discount photographer. I am targeting those people that want perfection. Because, that’s what I strive tirelessly to deliver. Please see my price list for more information. Please see my wedding photography process page for a full rundown of what you can expect when hiring me.

Whether I am shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes, architecture, interiors, or food for a restaurant, I constantly strive for perfection in order to ensure that my clients stand out and look their very best.

Being a food, wedding and event photographer in the South of England is a fabulous experience. This area has some lovely architecture and beautiful scenery. We have some of the best hotels and restaurants in the UK. I would not want to do it anywhere else.

I have a fondness for premium camera bags and handmade leather camera straps.

Photographic training:

I never stop learning about my craft. Every day I am learning either a new photographic technique or a new editing technique. However, some of my more formal training can be found below.

New York Institute of Photography – Graduated in 2002

All levels of photographic classes provided by West Chester University in Pennsylvania – Graduated in 2004

Nikon school of Photography – 2000

See a list of my previous clients, venues I’ve photographed and price list.

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