Wedding Albums

Wedding album production is a dying art. It seems that every person who gets a digital camera for Christmas wants to become a wedding photographer and does, what we call in the industry, a shoot and burn. That is, these budding wedding photographers shoot the wedding and burn a disk. They then say bye and are on to their next client. This is a cheaper method of wedding photography, but it is also far less personal and you do not get to see the artist’s vision. Due to the increased demand for shoot and burn I do offer this service, however, I ensure that I always give many artistic edits so I can convey my own vision in the final digital images I give you. To view more on my artistic editing process please click here.

When I do a wedding album you are seeing my full creative expression realized. You see the final images as I intended them to be seen and shown. A printed wedding album is far superior to having the digital images or selecting a few images to have printed by the local pharmacy. My wedding albums are made by GraphiStudio in Italy and every single image on every page has been carefully edited and placed in order to tell the story of your perfect day. I use about 60-80 images, of your choosing, for each album in the standard size. More pages can be added depending on your preferences. Each image is chosen by you and then editing to perfection by me.

You don’t get this with a disk or a single print hanging on the wall. A wedding album tells, in detail, what occurred during the entire day and is brought to life by artistic, stylish editing on my part.

Below are some examples of the albums I do. The basic album size is 25x35cm and is printed on photographic paper with a slight lamination for durability. However, larger sizes are available upon request. In fact, every detail of your album can be customized, giving you the perfect wedding album for you.

Two Album Sizes Side by Side

Here you see two of my albums side by side in different sizes and one having a silk cover, while the other has crystal like material that is hard wearing and beautiful.

The larger of the two albums is also 50 pages, whereas the smaller one is the standard 30 pages, that is included with all album orders. A thicker page can also be added for that truly luxurious feel.

The images below further compare the differences between the standard and larger album. I have also included several images from the interior of the album to show you the layout I use. There are a myriad of things I do to an album when I shoot and design it, including: creating double-page spreads that act as background, while overlaying images on top, border effects, making key images single pages to really pop in the album, etc.

Large Album Design


Large Album Layout

Standard Album with Background Image

Standard Album Size

The above should give you a good example of what can be done with album design. Of course, these images do not fully convey the beauty of these handcrafted, Italian wedding albums, but they do show the style and some of the sizes available. To fully appreciate the albums please schedule a pre-wedding consultation with me and we can discuss all of your options.

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