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Having been a marketing consultant for a number of years before dedicating myself to furthering my photography career, I am always happy to see how businesses are using the images I have taken. Whether it’s for a Michelin Starred restaurant in London, a local pub, or a large manufacturer, I am always keen to see what and how they use the images.

Browsing through a local magazine last week I saw this ad by The Cat Inn in West Hoathly. I have worked with The Cat on several occasions and I count them as one of my best clients. So when I see them using my images for magazine articles, ads and entries into the various food publications out there it makes me smile. They are doing so well and I can’t help but believe I played a small part in their success. After all, food photography can play a vital role in bringing new customers to your restaurant.

I wish The Cat much more success.

The Cat Inn Ad

Food Photography at The Cat Inn

The Cat Inn in West Hoathly is one of my all time favorite pubs. I have been going to The Cat for at least three years, if not more and every time I am thrilled by the quality of the food, the friendliness of the staff and the welcoming atmosphere.

I also have the pleasure of being called on to photograph The Cat Inn when new images are required for the website and the new food guides such as The Michelin Guide and The Good Food Guide.

Photographing The Cat is really a labor of love and never feels like work. I arrive early and photograph the new room designs and then on to the food. The Cat Inn always strives to stay current and their menu is never old. This means lots of new menu items depending on the season. I was particularly impressed on this shoot. The food coming out of their kitchen was some of the best I’ve tasted.

If you haven’t been to The Cat Inn I highly recommend you try it. But this isn’t a food blog, this is my photography blog. And so… to the images. Enjoy!

Gravetye Manor Food Photography

One of the great things about my job is that I get to photograph places I love and have visited many times. This is definitely true of Gravetye Manor in East Grinstead, West Sussex. I have visited Gravetye numerous times and count it among my favorite UK hotels. The gardens, the food and the ambiance are all top notch and it was my pleasure to photograph their food recently.

Being a member of the Relais and Chateaux network means one thing, quality. So it was my job to convey that quality of their food in my images. Their restaurant and food is very classical and I did my best to show a formal, lovely atmosphere. However, I didn’t change anything. What you see in the images is exactly how the food and table are arranged. I didn’t need to move anything on the plate. There was no styling involved on my part. It didn’t need it. It was beautiful straight out of the kitchen.

Thanks to everyone at Gravetye Manor for being so accommodating.

Enjoy the images!

Scotch Beef Event Shoot at The Plateau in London

I love food and event photography! I mean, I love all photography, but food holds a special place in my heart and when I’m invited to photograph food events I get quite excited!

So when Caret Media asked me to join them to shoot an event in London’s Plateau Restaurant I jumped at the chance. As some of you may know, Plateau is where famed chef Allan Pickett runs his kitchen. Allan was recently featured on an episode of Master Chef UK and is one of the best chefs in the UK. I knew this before heading up to London and this only added to my giddiness.

The whole night was a total success. Allan’s food was expertly prepared. There were noted food bloggers and more seasoned (no pun intended) writers for all kinds of outlets. And it was my pleasure to photograph the action.

Allan is am amazing guy. He graciously invited me into his kitchen for photos and when it was all over I left with a collection I’m very proud of. Just a note, all of the food shots were done on the fly. Meaning, I did not have time to set up diffusers, softboxes, or anything else. Because the restaurant was serving while I was shooting I had to just get on with things. But, when you have people like Allan, it makes it a lot easier and the photos speak for themselves.

Thanks to everyone at Caret Media and at Plateau Restaurant. And a special thanks to chef Allan Pickett.

Waiter at the Plateau Restaurant London

Diners at Plateau Restaurant London

Allan Plating Up

Allan Plating Up

Scotch Beef Rep

Caret Media Gal

Speaking About Scotch Beef

Pouring Wine

Head Chef of Plateau Allan Pickett

Allan in His Kitchen

Allan Plating Up

Allan Plating Up

The Kitchen at Plateau in London

The Kitchen at Plateau in London

Allan Plating Up

Allan Speaking About the Dishes

Food Bloggers at Plateau in London


What Food Photography Can Do For Your Menu

A few months ago I did a food photography shoot for a pizza take-away and an Indian take-away restaurant. The owners hired me because they knew that high-quality images on their promotion would attract more customers and increase sales.

This however, is not the normal sentiment shared by most restaurant owners. Many restaurant owners are simply too stubborn, or too lazy to make sure their hard work in the kitchen gets portrayed onto print and web advertising in the correct manner.

Why would anyone spend £1,000 a month on leaflet advertising, Yellow Pages and glossy magazines to try and boost their restaurant’s customer base and then use cheap photos taken with a £50 camera bought for them for Christmas at Tesco? It baffles my mind.

If you look around at the top restaurants in the world, the majority of them have hired exceptional food photographers to photograph their food and restaurant. Why should you do any differently?

The old saying is still true, YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. And it’s no different with your food photos.

The below images are taken from the menus these restaurants, which I photographed a while ago, are currently using. It is of their actual food, not stock photography. So when a customer receives a menu through their letterbox, orders and comes home with a take-away from the restaurant it looks the same as portrayed in the menu. This is very important… it earns the trust of the prospective restaurant customer. Using stock photos is a good way for any budding restauranteur to start, but once your restaurant is off the ground, proper, professional images are a must if you want to stay competitive and truly show your potential and existing customers what your food is all about.

My client was very happy with these images and has seen sales increase steadily since we took them.

Peshwari Spice Indian Restaurant Food Photography

Peshwari Spice Indian Restaurant Food Photography Crawley

Papichinos Pizza Food Photography Sussex

Papichinos Pizza Food Photography West Sussex

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