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Welcome to my website and thanks for taking the extra time to find out more about me.

What do you want to know? What would I want to know before hiring a photographer?

Well, I love life, I don’t just live it. That’s why I’m a professional photographer. I don’t do it because I have to, or because I don’t want to get a “real job”. I do it because I love it and have loved it for more than 16 years. My goal as a person and as a photographer is to always do my best to help others. Life shouldn’t be lived for self alone. I truly care about the product I deliver to my clients.

A few tidbits: I’m obsessed with curry, I cycle as much as I can, I need to travel somewhere on Earth every couple of months or I get bored, I adore my wife who is also my second photographer, I have only a few really close friends, but I love them very much, I read very long books and I think family is everything.

My wife, Shaan, has been my photography assistant for a number of years and it’s what we love doing together. She has an incredible eye for detail and is constantly sneaking in shots that I never would have thought of.

The type of equipment a photographer used would probably interest me, so if it interests you here it is:

I use Nikon cameras, currently a D810. I shoot almost exclusively with primes lenses, (fixed focal length lenses). These produce far better results than zoom lenses. The Nikon 50mm f1.2 and the 85mm f1.8 G being my current favourites. Although this changes nearly as fast as the seasons. I basically use whatever tool will give me the best results for my style of photography. I am not brand loyal. I am quality loyal. I prefer premium stylish camera bags like Hawkesmill, which also makes handmade leather camera straps.

If credentials and that sort of thing interest you; over the past couple of years I have built up a very respectable client list, which you can view here.

And if you really want to find out more about me an extensive bio can be found here.

Looking for more information on the wedding photography process? Check out my wedding photography process page. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about my style, payments and how the day will unfold.


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