Catherine and Ed’s Wedding

There are several wedding venues that I love more than most… Chiddingstone Castle is such a venue. Not only do I adore photographing weddings there, but I go there most weeks on my normal cycle route. It holds a special place in my heart and when I heard Catherine and Ed were getting married there I was very excited.

We had an excellent engagement shoot there and I knew that the wedding was going to be brilliant. And it didn’t disappoint. The weather was absolutely fantastic all day. One of the warmest days of all the weddings I did this year. It made for lovely light.

Catherine and Ed were troopers and we braved the intense heat so that we could capture the below images.

Thanks to you both for having me as your wedding photographer. I loved being there for your special day!

Catherine and Ed's Wedding at Chiddingstone Castle

A Romantic Scene

Weddings in Kent at Chiddingstone Castle

Bride and groom walking

Inside Chiddingstone Castle

Bride walking down stairs

Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Bride and groom outside castle

Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Bride and groom with car

Chiddingstone Castle Wedding, Kent

Having some fun

Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Bride in front of door

Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

Beautiful wedding venue

Weddings at Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

The beautiful bridesmaids

Chiddingstone Castle Weddings

Kissing the bride

Chiddingstone Castle Weddings

Sister of the Bride

Weddings in Kent at Chiddingstone Castle

Bridesmaids jumping

Claire and Matt’s Feedback

Sometimes… just sometimes… being a wedding photographer can seem like a thankless job. It seems weird, but this is especially true if you are good at your job. It becomes routine. You show up, do your best to be invisible on the day so you don’t take anything away from the bride and groom, take great photos, provide the images to the couple and an album if requested. When you are well trained and know what you’re doing this becomes formulaic. You vary the posing and the lighting for the individuals and the scene, but I can do this job without too much thought or effort now. This is why I get paid what I do. Because I get great results 100% of the time.

However, I have also set the bar quite high for myself and I have become my harshest critic. I always strive to improve with each wedding I do. And sometimes I feel that I am just a machine churning out images.

This thought is quickly brushed away every single time I get a thank you note, or card from a couple. It makes this job totally worth it. After all, I wouldn’t do wedding photography if I didn’t love it. And I wouldn’t want to do it if I became a machine that churned out the same images each and every time. I want to add to my couple’s day and indeed, their lifetime, by giving them images they are proud to display.

When I received this card from Claire and Matt my energy perked and I had that sense that I had done just that.

You’re very welcome, you two. I greatly enjoyed myself.

Claire and Matt Feedback

Claire and Matt’s Thank You

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