Jevon and Alex’s Wedding Ashdown Park Hotel

The Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club in East Sussex holds a special place in my heart. Mostly because my wife and I were married there in 2008. I have stayed in the Ashdown numerous times, it’s where we both stayed before we were married. I have also eaten at their fine restaurant many times and last autumn went on a beautiful mushroom foraging class there with a lunch afterwards.

Since I began coming to England I have enjoyed the Ashdown Park Hotel’s many wonderments. When I get a wedding couple wanting to book me and saying their venue is the Ashdown Park Hotel I get a little giddy inside and very excited. The images below capture just a small fraction of the beauty that surrounds the Ashdown Park Hotel.

No matter which room you are getting married in, they always make you feel at home and like you’re a VIP.

Thanks to everyone involved in Jevon and Alex’s wedding. I truly enjoyed myself. I look forward to producing your album! For now, enjoy the images below!

Chris and Rachel’s Wedding

August is always a very busy month in wedding photography. Perhaps because historically August has been the warmest, sunniest month in England. Although you wouldn’t of known that on Saturday when I photographed Chris and Rachel’s wedding at Cottesmore Hotel and Country Club in Crawley. The sun was being extremely shy and allowing those big, dark rain clouds to stomp all over it.

When we arrived at Cottesmore we got our rain jackets on and umbrellas out, but the downpour was not to last. After the ceremony the clouds stopped releasing their rain droplets and allowed us to go outside for the group shots and couple photos.

Everybody at the wedding was really easygoing and great to work with. They formed an orderly queue and waited their turn for the group shots. After the group shots we took some lovely photos of the bride and groom.

Thanks to everyone, but a special thanks goes to the English weather for holding out for us.

Nora and Pete’s Wedding on Bo-Ho Weddings Site

I recently found a brilliant website for planning weddings and for getting inspiration for anyone who is involved with weddings; Bo-Ho Weddings. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get some pieces into it. I liked it that much. Kelly, who runs Bo-Ho was super nice when I sent her in some samples from Nora and Pete’s wedding. She said she’d love to use it as a feature and a few weeks later it went live.

Bo-Ho Weddings has a multitude of different types and styles of weddings, but they focus mostly on DIY weddings and weddings that go against the norm. They showcase how easy it can be to do your wedding planning yourself, from the cake decoration to the party favors. Everything can be done with you and several of your friends or family. It’s truly a unique site and a great learning tool.

The below are some screenshots from it. The full featured article can be found here.

Bo Ho Weddings

Pete and Nora's Wedding on Bo-Ho

Laura and Gavin’s Engagement Shoot

I spent a while photographing Laura and Gavin in this lovely area of Crawley Down in West Sussex. I’d never been there before and to be honest, didn’t know it existed. But Laura and Gavin swore it was brilliant and it was.

The clouds were threatening to roll in so we quickly did the shoot at the lake and then in some beautiful tall grass. The light was gorgeous, sweet and backlit.

And nobody got bitten by horseflies. Whew!

Enjoy your images!

Sarah and Andrew’s Wedding, Ashurst Wood

Once again I had a wedding in my own backyard! And this time it was even closer than Forest Row, it was in the actual village I live in, Ashurst Wood. The father of the bride wanted to ensure that he hired as many local vendors as possible. So, for the catering he hired local catering company Monster Foods, for the flowers, Zara and for the photographer… yours truly. I love that spirit of locals helping locals and it made me very proud to live where I do.

Andrew and Sarah are a lovely couple. They are so similar in so many ways and you can tell they love each other a great deal!

I was honored to photograph their wedding and I hope you enjoy the results!

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