Scotch Beef Event Shoot at The Plateau in London

I love food and event photography! I mean, I love all photography, but food holds a special place in my heart and when I’m invited to photograph food events I get quite excited!

So when Caret Media asked me to join them to shoot an event in London’s Plateau Restaurant I jumped at the chance. As some of you may know, Plateau is where famed chef Allan Pickett runs his kitchen. Allan was recently featured on an episode of Master Chef UK and is one of the best chefs in the UK. I knew this before heading up to London and this only added to my giddiness.

The whole night was a total success. Allan’s food was expertly prepared. There were noted food bloggers and more seasoned (no pun intended) writers for all kinds of outlets. And it was my pleasure to photograph the action.

Allan is am amazing guy. He graciously invited me into his kitchen for photos and when it was all over I left with a collection I’m very proud of. Just a note, all of the food shots were done on the fly. Meaning, I did not have time to set up diffusers, softboxes, or anything else. Because the restaurant was serving while I was shooting I had to just get on with things. But, when you have people like Allan, it makes it a lot easier and the photos speak for themselves.

Thanks to everyone at Caret Media and at Plateau Restaurant. And a special thanks to chef Allan Pickett.

Waiter at the Plateau Restaurant London

Diners at Plateau Restaurant London

Allan Plating Up

Allan Plating Up

Scotch Beef Rep

Caret Media Gal

Speaking About Scotch Beef

Pouring Wine

Head Chef of Plateau Allan Pickett

Allan in His Kitchen

Allan Plating Up

Allan Plating Up

The Kitchen at Plateau in London

The Kitchen at Plateau in London

Allan Plating Up

Allan Speaking About the Dishes

Food Bloggers at Plateau in London


Andrew and Sarah’s Engagement Shoot

This weekend the weather turned surprisingly nice. And not a moment too soon. On Saturday I had two back to back shoots and I couldn’t afford any rain delays. The backdrop of the first shoot, an engagement shoot, was Wakehurst Place, one of my favorite National Trust properties.

Andrew and Sarah were the perfect models and we took every advantage of that beautiful weather.

I am very much looking forward to your wedding and thank you for meeting me in such a gorgeous venue.

Enjoy the images!

Wedding Photography at Wakehurst Place, Sussex

Sarah and Andrew-Wakehurst Place Weddings

Flowers in Blown at Wakehurst

Sarah and Andrew Engagement Shoot at Wakehurst

Andrew and Sarah-Wedding Photography Wakehurst Place

Andrew and Sarah Engagement Shoot-Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place Wedding Photography

Becky and Michael’s Wedding at Chartwell

This past weekend I photographed a wedding in one of my favorite National Trusts and home to Winston Churchill, Chartwell near Westerham in Kent.

I have been visiting Chartwell for a number of years and it has long been one of my favorite Trust buildings. Winston Churchill happens to be my favorite Briton and so it is natural that when I photograph this amazing wedding venue it just feels great.

Chartwell makes a wonderful backdrop for any wedding. The terrace has a spectacular view for guests to take in while they enjoy refreshments. The gardens are perfect for bride and groom photos and the history and tradition that Chartwell is steeped in is evident at every corner.

A big thanks to Becky and Michael for having me as their photographer on their special day. And a giant thank you to the wonderful wedding coordinators at Chartwell. You truly are some of the best in the business.

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell


Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

Becky and Michael's Wedding-Chartwell

The Rose Garden-Chartwell

The Front Door of Chartwell

Magnolia Chartwell

The Kids at Chartwell

The Terrace at Chartwell

Marrakech – My North African Adventure

I just returned back from a week in Marrakech. What a strange and magnificent city. At first I was not sure whether I liked it or not. A first for me. Normally I arrive in a city and I know instantly whether I would go back again. But, to be honest, I didn’t know until I got home and looked at the below photos that the answer to that question is, yes, definitely yes!

Marrakech is a rich and vibrant city with culture literally oozing out of every street corner. The people are warm and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. For example, my wife and I took a taxi from our hotel to Hotel La Mamounia for an afternoon on their terrace. When we exited the taxi the driver said to us, “I hope to see you again, Inshallah.” Normally, if I get more than a grunt from a taxi driver I’m happy.

This kind of affection was evident all over the city. And it didn’t matter how much money the people had either. Every person from every walk of life acted warmly towards me and my wife.

The city itself is not what I would call the cleanest city in the world. Let’s be honest, there is rampant poverty in Marrakech. But there is also incredible wealth. Two of the best hotels I have ever seen La Mamounia and the Royal Mansour are in Marrakech. They are not just hotels, they are palaces.

I enjoyed La Manounia and Royal Mansour as much as I enjoyed the main square. The food in both places is amazing and the atmosphere is second to none. I highly recommend it.

Here are some photos from my trip.


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