Chartwell in Kent: My Favorite National Trust

Chartwell-Kent Photographer

1/400s, f/10.0, ISO200, 24mm, Handheld

There is one membership I value above all others; my National Trust membership. As a photographer in Sussex, I find it invaluable. There are so many great sites to see and photograph. But, my favorite is Chartwell, in Kent. Home to Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine, Chartwell is the place where World War II was literally won from. It was here that Mr. Churchill dictated his famous speeches to parliament, and it was here where he came up with his strategies and plans of attack. This was also his home during most of his time as Prime Minister.

But Chartwell means more to me than just Churchill and World War II. Chartwell is a beautiful property, with an endless amount of wonderful photographic opportunity. It might not be as picturesque as Scotney Castle, or some of the other magical National Trusts in the South East, but for all that happened here and for all that it is, if I had to choose just one National Trust to visit, it would be Chartwell.

Canon 100mm f2.8L IS Lens: My Thoughts on it

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS-Longwood Gardens

1/4th, f5.6, ISO 100, 100mm f2.8L IS, Tripod

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS-Longwood Gardens

1/10th, f5.6, ISO 100, 100mm f2.8L IS, Tripod

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS-Longwood Gardens

1/13th, f5.6, ISO 100, 100mm f2.8L IS, Tripod

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS-Longwood Gardens

1/15th, f5.6, ISO 100, 100mm f2.8L IS, Tripod

Canon 100mm f2.8 IS-Longwood Gardens

1/6th, f5.6, ISO 400, 100mm f2.8L IS, Tripod

The above shots were taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I’ve owned the Canon 100mm f2.8L for just over a month and I am totally smitten with it. I won’t bore you with a long, technical rundown on bokeh and sharpness. For that, you can go to any number of photo review websites. This is not a review website, it’s simply my thoughts on the equipment I use.

This lens is a great dual-purpose lens. I had a food photography shoot with it the first day I bought it and it really shined. Then I took it to Longwood Gardens for some macro shots and it showed why this is probably the best macro lens on the market today.

And it is RAZOR sharp. I mean, razor sharp! The above images are 72dpi and reduced down markedly, but you can actually see all the little hairs on the second photograph. When it’s enlarged those hairs are incredibly detailed.

If you’re not into macro, no worries. This is a brilliant portrait lens as well. Not as fast as the Canon 85mm 1.2L, but half the price and probably as sharp.

I highly recommend it!

New Photographer in West Sussex: Like We Needed Another One!

West Sussex Photographer-Taylor Young

My name is Taylor Young. I’m an American living in the South of England, East Grinstead to be exact, with my wife, Shaan. And I’m a professional photographer and marketing consultant.

Does England need another photographer? It seems pretty saturated.

Every time I turn around it seems like someone else is becoming a professional photographer. The advent of photo editing suites like Photoshop and Aperture makes almost everyone into an instant professional. What they lack in ability the software makes up. Don’t like a photo in color? Make it black and white and add some grain so the soft focus looks intentional. But this is not a bad thing.

The competition is steep. What makes me different?

I was trained classically. I have attended every photo class available at university and I’m a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. Whether it’s a 4×5 field camera (one that takes a negative that is 4×5 inches) like Ansel Adams used to use, or the latest 35mm digital camera, I can and have used it.

My entire life has been about traveling, eating fantastic food and photography. And that passion shows in my work.

If you search around and ask other photographers what they specialise in they’ll say, weddings, or portraits, or food. I specialise in everything.

I’m a photographer. It’s who I am and what I do. I am never without my camera. I like to call myself a “Life Photographer” because I photograph life and everything in it. If I do a wedding I don’t pose you like you’re Kate Moss, I simply photograph… YOU. If I come to your house and photograph your family I capture who they are and what makes them unique.

Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful country. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

And I look forward to photographing you, your family, your friends and your business!

To learn more about me please check out my About Me page:

And my food and travel blog.


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